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Trump to be Named 45th President of the U.S., Now What?

In a shocking turn of events that neither the polls nor financial markets predicted, Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States of America after defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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Trump’s Transition Team Pledges to Dismantle Dodd-Frank Act

President-elect Donald Trump is translating some of his populist campaign rhetoric into policy statements, including the contention that the Dodd-Frank Act should be scrapped because it has made Wall Street banks an even bigger threat to the nation’s economy and working families.

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Investment Strategists See Volatility, Uncertainty

The market reaction was dramatic and swift when it became apparent early Wednesday morning that Donald Trump had been elected the 45th president of the US. But once trading in the US got underway, the S&P 500, which had plummeted as much as 7.5% in the futures market overnight, was up slightly; gold, which had soared, was little changed; and the dollar recovered from earlier losses. What didn’t rebound was the U.S. Treasury market, according to an article written by GlobeSt.com sister publication, ALM’s Think Advisor.

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