Greysteel’s Blog – For Real This Time, We Promise

Put down your pitchforks. Extinguish those torches. You in the back, let’s pump the breaks on the hurtful jeering. We admit it, we made a mistake. Our original attempt at a blog was met with the same level of success as New Coke, Troy’s acceptance of the Trojan Horse, and the filling of the Hindenburg with hydrogen. Just bad stuff, all around. Mea culpa. Haven’t tuned in to our old blog before? Here is a snapshot. Let’s call this episode Breaking (down) Bad:

If press releases about transaction news and status had a lovechild with photography, you’d have our old blog. No original content, no value-adding insight, and no outside perspectives, all housed on a platform (Blogger) outside of our branding standards.

Enough of that. We want to win you back, and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes, barring strenuous exercise. So here’s what we’re proposing, our five-point plan:

  1. Regularly posted content that provides valuable insight into the multifamily and retail investment world you won’t find anywhere else – but if you do find it somewhere else, tell us, we have copyright attorneys on standby and they haven’t been fed in days.
  2. Q&A’s with our employees, clients and partners so you can get an inside look at how they think and operate. Brace yourself for a few of these guys and girls…
  3. Spotlights on local community sales and development activity, along with my personal recommendations for the best restaurants to eat at.
  4. Marketing innovations for commercial real estate (although we reserve the right to ignore trends that would cause internal inefficiency…we’re looking at you Pokémon Go).
  5. Truckloads Wagonloads Buckets Bags Fistfulls? Drawings of money to give us another chance.

So come one, come all. Owners and developers, investors and lenders, celebrities and politicians. Our doors are open and we’re ready to serve you the best commercial real estate knowledge on the planet. We welcome your comments, feedback and witty observations.