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  • Resources are provided for you as a broker. Laptop, computer monitors, office space, subscriptions to various software, phones. This is more support than at some competitors. I am working with experienced brokers and they teach me things, always. I know I am in good hands and learning the right things because their feedback is thoughtful and always specific. They've also closed large deals. There are supportive staff members throughout the company. People are willing to lend a hand to get things done when you are stuck. People are also just very friendly and supportive. Your peers want you to succeed. You sense that your teams believe in the "a rising tide lifts all boats" philosophy, which is definitely not everywhere in the industry As a new company in some markets, it feels like a start-up which I enjoy. In other words, low structure environment breeds lots of innovation. Accessible management. Leadership is very open to speaking with individuals, which is great. I enjoy working with my mentor and my team. I think it's very important to have that.
  • Everyone at Greysteel is working towards the same goal. The organizational structure is totally flat and the CEO's door is always open, even for the lowest level employee. You are actively encouraged to reach out to any/all of the firm's pre-existing clients for the benefit of your own business. Management always wants, and asks for, feedback on the corporate culture. They listen when you speak and provide positive feedback/constructive criticism when applicable.
  • We all connect well. On-boarding is very easy and they give you everything you might need to succeed on the job. Job pays well and the ability to work from home is nice.
  • Energetic, learning environment designed for those passionate about commercial real estate.
  • Greysteel is an entrepreneurial company with a focus on growth allowing everyone to have a voice and see their fingerprints on the company.
  • Fast, Energetic, Innovated, Growing Company! Exciting to work for a company that is really on the cutting edge and moving forward. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming, and easy to work with; a great team environment. 
  • Great leadership and vision within the company. 
  • The Sky is the limit: Unlike other brokerage firms, Greysteel has a great sense of teamwork. It's separation between brokers and the marketing team allows for great efficiency and structure. Everyone wants you to succeed. Unlimited room for growth.
  • There is unlimited support and collaboration between the teams as well as the staff. Brokers are set up for success as long as they are patient and embrace teamwork.
  • Greysteel is a "team" cultured company. Also, they provide endless opportunity and let your entrepreneurial spirit flow! Your personal success is just as important as the company’s success which is hard to find in most cases.
  • Talented co-workers. Best in business. Focused. Attention to detail. High earning potential if you work for it.
  • Being a rather young company any new hire is able to succeed immediately. The company has put an enormous effort into hiring talented support staff that allows both the individual and firm to thrive.
  • Energetic company with an open culture. Excellent place for collaborators.
  • The company is loaded with motivated and talented individuals with a desire to grow the firm. A great foundation has been laid in creating a collaborative culture where everyone can win together without internal competition. Creative, driven, and accountable individuals thrive at Greysteel.
  • “Unique” Super smart, knowledgeable, and driven group of people. Fun, young company culture with a genuine team atmosphere. Management expects everyone to contribute a lot of time and take ownership. Plenty of opportunities to accept more responsibility and move up in the company. A good amount of procedures are in place and the use of technology is leveraged.


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