Facebook Live - You Ask, We Answer - Episode #1

Greysteel's Debt & Structured Finance team in the Dallas-Fort Worth office will begin regularly hosting Q&A sessions about commercial real estate financing (as well as related questions) on Facebook Live. Interactive. Unscripted. Uncut.

Although our primary focus will involve multifamily properties, please feel free to toss in questions about other commercial real estate assets. From time to time, we will also invite guests that will add value to the conversation.

The inaugural "You ask, we answer" Facebook Live event will be this Friday, February 10, 2017, at 2pm CST (3pm EST, 1pm MST, noon PST). Check out our Facebook page at that time to see the live video - Greysteel Facebook Page

We hope that you can join us! In case you are busy, please feel free to reply to this post with your question or send us a private message.

We look forward to seeing you live tomorrow!

Do you have a burning question that needs an immediate answer? Please call us!

Anton Mattli, Senior Director, 469.518.5462

John Marshall Doss, Finance Associate, 469.518.5037

Zach Ghormley, Finance Associate, 469.458.6277